Digital demo spot

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On this page you will find information about the digital demo spot, or booth on Demo_Day Online.

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One or two screens

By default, you can choose from two different versions. A version with 2 screens and a version with 1 screen.

Screen on desk

The screen on the desk contains a video with up to 5 minutes of demos. That may be 1 demo or more, up to 3 as long as the total is within 5 minutes.

Screen on the wall (optional)

The screen on the wall you can place a video of up to 2 minutes in which you introduce the crew and/or a corporate video in which you introduce your company.

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Design rear wall

The design of the back wall is up to you. The format is: 2000×1324 pixels (wxh). For this we have a template that can be used so you know where the screens are so you don’t put important information or images there. Below you can upload the template as a Photoshop-file (psd) or as a png-file which you can place as a temporary layer in the graphics program you use.

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