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On Thursday, November 2, the 12th edition of the Recruitment Tech Landscape will be unveiled during the Recruitment Tech Event 2023 in Utrecht. This is the definitive overview of all providers of recruitment software with a branch in the Benelux region. If you are a supplier of recruitment technology and are not yet featured on the poster, or if you would like to appear in more categories, you can submit new entries and changes online by October 12, 2023 at the latest.

Reference Work

The Benelux Recruitment Tech Landscape is the definitive overview of suppliers of recruitment technology with a branch in the Netherlands, Belgium, and/or Luxembourg. Just like its websites and events, the Benelux Recruitment Tech Landscape also contributes to making available recruitment technology transparent. The landscape is frequently used by recruiters when they are exploring recruitment tools. The overview has been downloaded more than 5,500 times and, in addition, many thousands of copies have been distributed at events.

  • Check if you are listed in the Supplier Overview. This is the source from which the Recruitment Tech Landscape is compiled.
  • If you wish to add a supplier listing, you can do so here.
  • If you wish to expand an existing listing or appear in more than one category, you can indicate that here.

Download or Order

The Landscape is depicted in the order of the recruitment process. The categories, containing the operating organizations, are arranged in the logical sequence of the recruitment process. The Landscape 2023 II can be downloaded here or ordered as a hardcopy here.