Recruitment Tech Survey 2024 launched including rating recruitment software vendors

For the 4th time, Recruitment Tech Network is investigating recruitment software trends with the Recruitment Tech Survey 2024. Besides the Netherlands, the survey is also running in Belgium this year. Again this year, the RT35 is composed of recruitment software vendors with the highest ratings. As a software supplier, you can ask your customers to complete the survey.


On Monday 18 March 2024, the results will be presented during Recruitment Tech Trend_Day. During this event, the ranking of which recruitment tool suppliers are most appreciated by their users will also be presented. Users will first be asked to answer a number of questions about tooling use in 2023 and expectations for 2024. They are then given an open-ended question to indicate which tools they use in 2023 to then rate them.

This involves measuring on six dimensions:

  • Product quality: how good are the products?
  • Customer focus: is the customer the focus or the solution?
  • Value for money: is product and investment in balance?
  • Innovativeness: is product sufficiently renewed?
  • Service-mindedness: are you helped well with questions (helpdesk)?
  • Proactive thinking: does the supplier think along on its own?

Respondents are also asked to indicate the importance of dimensions, so that weighting factors can be attached to them. The number of votes is also taken into account if suppliers score the same.

Ask your customers to participate

As a supplier, you are not supposed to participate yourself. In fact, you run the risk of being excluded from participation for several years, including losing your listing on the Benelux Recruitment Tech Landscape. But you can of course call on all your clients in the Netherlands and Belgium to participate in the survey (Dutch language) and rate the recruitment tools they use. Recruiters, hr and labour market communication professionals working on the corporate or agency side stand a chance to win tickets to the Recruitment Tech Event 2021 or an online Recruitment Tech Workshop for their own team. You can send your clients this link:

These are the questions

Below are the questions that will be asked. Almost all questions are multiple choice and on average it takes 7 minutes to complete.

  • Type of organisation where respondent works (corporate, agency etc.)
  • Organisation size
  • Industry
  • Role in relation to recruitment technology (decision-maker, consultant, etc.)
  • Main business drivers for investing in recruitment technology
  • Percentage of budget spent on recruitment technology
  • How much budget in 2023 spent on recruitment software
  • How much budget in 2024 expected to be spent on recruitment software
  • Stages of recruitment process where recruitment technology is most important
  • Percentage that recruitment process is automated
  • Has AI been used within recruitment by 2023
  • In what way is AI used within recruitment
  • What AI is used for
  • Expectations use of AI in 2024
  • Use of categories of recruitment tools in 2023
  • Expected use of recruitment tools in 2024
  • Which recruitment tool vendors are used (open question)
  • Assess the listed vendors on 6 dimensions
  • Explanation of assessment
  • Ranking six dimensions by importance

To make your users aware of the survey, please use this link: