Launch Recruitment Tech Survey 2022 to assess user satisfaction with recruitment tooling

Last year Recruitment Tech launched a new annual survey of users of recruitment tools in the Benelux, measuring satisfaction with suppliers. This year the survey will also identify trends in the use of and investment in recruitment tools.


In Q1 a ranking will be presented of which recruitment tooling providers are most valued by their users. Users are first asked to answer a series of questions about their use of tooling in 2020 and 2021. They are then asked an open question to indicate which tooling they will be using in 2020 and then rated on six dimensions.

Six dimensions are measured:

  • Product quality: how good are the products?
  • Customer focus: Is the customer the focus or the solution?
  • Price-quality ratio: Is product and investment in balance?
  • Innovation capacity: are products renewed sufficiently?
  • Service orientation: are you helped well when you have questions (helpdesk)?
  • Proactive thinking: does the supplier think along on its own?

Respondents are also asked to indicate the importance of dimensions so that weighting factors can be attached to them. The number of votes is also taken into account if suppliers score the same. Finally, the question is asked to what extent a user would recommend the supplier in question on a scale of 1 to 10, the NPS score.

Ask your customers to participate

As a supplier, you are not supposed to participate. In fact, you run the risk of being excluded from participation for several years. However, you can of course call on all your clients to participate in the survey and assess the recruitment tool they use. Recruiters, HR and job market communications professionals working in corporate or agency settings have the chance to win tickets to the Recruitment Tech Event 2021 or an online Recruitment Tech Workshop for their team. You can send your clients this link:

These are the questions

As a supplier, naturally you are curious about the questions:

  • Type of organisation in which respondent is employed (corporate, agency, etc.)
  • Organisation size
  • Industry
  • Role with respect to recruitment technology (decision maker, consultant etc.)
  • Key business drivers for investing in recruitment technology
  • Percentage of budget allocated to recruitment technology
  • Stages of recruitment process where recruitment technology is most important
  • Percentage of recruitment process that is automated
  • Use of categories of recruitment tool
  • Which suppliers of recruitment tooling are used (open question)
  • Assessment of the mentioned suppliers on 6 dimensions
  • Explanation of rating
  • NPS
  • Six dimensions as to their importance

To make your users aware of the study, you can use this link: