Technical specifications Demo_Day Belgium

Read more about all the technical specifications for both the pitch interviews and the breakouts here. Do you have any questions about this message? Ask them to

General settings for pitch interviews and breakouts

  • Both Pitch Interviews and breakouts take place via your laptop or PC browser.
  • When using a laptop: make sure it is connected to the power supply and the camera is at eye level (on a pile of books for example or by using an external webcam).
  • Connect your PC and laptop to wired internet for best results
  • Provide a quiet background
  • No window in the background where light enters
  • DO NOT put a roll banner behind you
  • Make sure your face is well in the light
  • Preferably use a headset with microphone or earphones with microphone
  • Use a recently updated version of Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.
  • Make sure there is light on your face
  • Secure office connections (e.g. via Citrix) can prevent the platform from working.
  • If you can’t get out completely, a technical helpdesk will be available during the event.


  • For breakouts we use the technique of the platform
  • Monday and Tuesday you can schedule a practice session to see what to do as soon as the breakout starts and how to share slides for example
  • Prior to your participation there will be a short technical check which will allow you to optimally set up your PC, laptop or tablet and the microphone and camera.
  • Browsers are set to mute when a stream starts. You can easily ‘unmute’ your browser by clicking in the video section of your screen.
  • Pitch Interviews
  • Pitch Interviews we use VMIX Call for
  • You will receive a link on Wednesday (below are test links) where you have to log in 10 minutes before the program starts.
  • Enter your first name when prompted and click on JOIN CALL
  • Right now you can watch and listen to the broadcast and as soon as you hear your 30 second intro video of your company you know it’s your turn.
  • Below are some test links to try out. If one doesn’t work then it will be tested by someone else.