Crew & relation codes

Every partner can register 3 crew members for Demo_Day Online. Please use the codes that can be found on the PartnerPortal under “Register your crew”. Each partner also has 5 relation codes with which relations can register for free without having to leave their name and address details, these can be found under “Codes for you Relations”.

The codes for 5 free relation codes can be found via the link above. These codes are valid until 4 June.

The codes for 3 free stand crew members can be found via the link above.

Register your crew members here
  • Please note that this code can only be used via the link above.
  • Codes for own employees can be activated until the 4th of June 2020.
  • As a contact person, you can register the crew (and any speaker) at once.
  • In the confirmation there is a link at the bottom to change a registration, for example if someone is unable to attend.
  • Would you like to take more employees with you? Then you can order extra partner cards via the link above (€ 65,- excl. VAT each).